Upgrading your home with energy efficient insulation, is one of the quickest energy-payback projects you can do, resulting in lower heating and cooling bills and increased comfort.

A lack of attic insulation can cause changing indoor temperatures , indoor drafts and high utility bills.

Save Money With Energy Efficient Insulation 

Cellulose Burn Test

Cellulose vs Fiberglass

Why Cellulose Insulation

Thermal - with an R-value of 3.8 per inch, cellulose is more dense than conventional insulation at 2.2 per inch. 

Air – Low-moisture sprayed cellulose and dense-packed cellulose are both highly effective air barriers at their installed densities of 3.5 lbs/cf. 

Moisture - 98% of moisture is transferred by the flow of air. High-density cellulose blocks the flow of air and moisture. 

Sound - Low moisture sprayed or dense-packed cellulose is a great sound barrier.

Fire - Cellulose will not catch fire and is a safe insulation material.

Completed Cellulose Insulation Projects

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