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Attic Blown Insulation:

With the same formula as INS541, this larger bag is perfect for DIY, offering a low-cost solution with its increased coverage area and decreased jobsite time. It’s also convenient for homeowners who can handle it.

A blended formula stabilized product, the INS500 is installed in attics with a fine water mist which activates a starch adhesive. This is an application preferred by many new construction installers because of desirable effects of requiring fewer bags to complete projects, as well as reducing product settling and decreasing application time.

PROPINK® L77 PINK® Fiberglass™ Unbonded Loosefi ll Insulation is an alternative to roll or batt insulation in attics, new construction or retrofit applications.

Batted Insulation:

New PureFiber® EcoTouch® insulation is rated #1 for handleability and ease of installation by contractors and is preferred by 2 out of 3 professional installers over all other brands. It’s never been easier to get the job done right.

• Exceptional stiffness and recovery characteristics with no additional handwork needed so you can achieve high-quality, inspection-ready installs1

• Easier to cut and split with less dust, allowing you to properly insulate irregular cavities and around common obstructions1

• Installs faster to help you get more done in less time1

Sound Batted Insulation:

Whether you are building new or renovating your home, use Roxul ComfortBatt Thermal Home Insulation in your exterior walls, attic, ceiling and floor frames for top thermal performance. With its high density, non-directional fiber structure and unique flexible edge, Roxul ComfortBatt is designed to deliver a better fit providing heating and cooling energy savings.

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