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Preparing for Winter- Is Your Home Insulated?

Why Insulation is Key in Winter?

Insulation impacts your home in a number of ways:

1. Energy Efficiency

If your home is not properly insulated, your heater is required to run more frequently in order to maintain comfortable living conditions. Eventually, this practice starts to rack up your energy bills. The use of your HVAC system for extended periods of time strains the system, wearing it out faster than normal.

When sufficient home insulation is installed, your home is better equipped to retain the energy your HVAC system creates.

2. Comfort

Your home starts to feel chilly and uncomfortable when your heater is unable to heat your home as rapidly as that same heat is escaping. You’re forced to bundle up during the day because your home isn’t warm enough. Some rooms may feel drafty and cold, while others are stuffy and hot. With proper insulation, you can ensure that your whole home maintains warm, comfortable temperatures at all times.

3. Pipes

During the winter months, many homeowners have woken to discover that their water pipes have frozen. When the temperature drops low enough, it can cause the water in the pipes to freeze and expand, bursting the pipe. Repairing broken or damaged piping is an expensive project that will also render your plumbing useless for a time.

A key way to prevent freezing pipes, especially in the crawl space, is to install insulation. This protective layer can help to maintain warmth in your plumbing systems, and thereby prevent your pipes from freezing over.

Key Parts of your Home to Insulate

Your attic and crawl space play the biggest roles in regulating the temperature of your home. By having these two spaces re-insulated, you can actually save a great deal of money by lowering energy costs. Many families see their energy bills drop an average of 30% or more after installing or replacing insulation in their homes.

Crawl Space Insulation

We all know that warm air rises while cooler air settles. When it’s cold outside and warm inside, the warm air inside your home will rise into the higher regions of your home, including your attic. This upward motion of air produces an air vacuum that draws air up through your crawl space into the rest of your house.

Without insulating, your crawl space will pull in the heavy, cold air from outside and allow it to rise up and fill your home. You can stop the cold air at its source by insulating your crawl space and locking out the cold air that might try to get inside.

Attic Insulation

If insulation is installed across the attic floor or along the walls, then the energy in the air cannot leave the house. Without attic insulation, the warm air that you paid to create can easily seep through the attic walls and disappear into the cold outdoors.

Our Arizona Home Insulation Services

Fall is here and winter is on its way. At Thermo Shield LLC, we can outfit your home with attic, wall fill and crawl space insulation that will help to lock in heat — and help you save big on your energy bills.

To ensure that your home will be a comfortable, warm place to live this winter season, contact us today by calling us at (602)-899-3476

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