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Nine Out of Ten Homes in the U.S. Are Under-Insulated

Attic Insulation

There are a lot of ways you can improve your home, from security, to energy savings, to remodeling, but one improvement will pay you back the fastest. Adding or upgrading your insulation has a fast turn around when it comes to return on your investment.

Since insulation is responsible for up to 70% of the total heat gain and loss in your home, the proper type, amount, and installation of insulation can make a huge difference in your savings in the long term. Adding attic and wall insulation can pay for itself in just two years based on the typical amount of energy savings you’ll experience. In just a couple of years, you can save an average of $1,000 in energy savings.

According to NAIMA (North American Insulation Manufacturers Association), 90% of the homes in the U.S. are under-insulated. What do you think the chances are that your home is properly insulated? Probably not good. Simply adding insulation in the right places will not only save you money in reduced energy bills, but it will add to your resale value when and if you do sell your home.

The Insulation Standards Are Changing

Insulation standards are not what they were a few years ago. In 2015, cities and towns within the Kansas City metro raised the R-Value that your insulation has to meet. (R-Value is the capacity of your insulation to resist heat flow.) This means new homes, or homes for sale, need to have insulation with acceptable R-Values. Why wait until you sell your house to upgrade. You can do it now and reap the benefits (and ROI) in energy savings and comfort.

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Where to Insulate First to Get the Best ROI

Insulating your home is a great way to save on AC/heating costs throughout the winter months and cooling costs in the summer. We always suggest that you schedule an energy evaluation to pinpoint the areas where your home is losing the most energy. As a savvy homeowner, you want to be sure that you’re insulating the areas that will yield the greatest return on your investment. While every home will differ somewhat on the areas that most need increased insulation, this guide will help you determine what sections of your home will save you the most money by adding insulation.

Start in the Attic

Attic insulation is one of the most important types to have in a home. You know that the warm air produced by your furnace is rising straight up. If your attic isn’t well-insulated, that also means that the conditioned air is escaping straight out! Adding insulation to your attic will dramatically increase your energy savings.

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