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Solar Attic Fans ~Smart Home Comfort

Anyone who has had to crawl up into their attic on a hot summer day appreciates the value of a ventilated attic. Fans can help exhaust that hot air from your attic, and a solar attic fan can do it using clean energy from the sun.

When the sun’s rays hit your roof tiles, they heat up…a lot. Some of that heat is transferred from the surface of your roof into the attic space itself. Depending on how well your attic space is insulated, there could be a great deal of heat being transferred into your home.

In summer, this means that your air conditioner has to work that much harder, which can be a real energy drain, not to mention financial drain. If you get that hot air out of there, your air conditioning won’t kick in as often and you could be saving some money.

Attic fans are popular with homeowners who want to lower the temperature of their homes, keep their attic dry and ventilated and preserve the integrity of their roof. Appropriate attic ventilation can also help to protect goods stored in the attic and prevent the formation of mold and rot. Here are some of the amazing benefits solar powered attic fans offer in keeping your home cool, clean and safe.

  • Free To Operate

That’s right. Using solar power, these attic fans are completely free to operate. Solar powered fans harness the sun’s energy to power their efficient operation, so you conserve energy and save money. With no requirement for electricity, you can reduce your utility bills while still keeping your attic cool and ventilated.

  • Active Attic Cooling

As opposed to attic vents which simply allow air to flow through, solar powered attic fans actively pull hot, stuffy air out of the attic, creating a negative pressure that draws cool, fresh air into the space. The Solar Star attic fan operates in this way, keeping cool air cycling through the attic, reducing attic and whole house temperatures.

  • Protects Your Roof

Excess heat and humidity in summer or an imbalance in attic and external temperatures during winter can both contribute to costly roof damage. Solar attic fans prevent heat damage and the development of mold and mildew in warm climates, and can also help to prevent ice dams during winter.

  • Quiet

Other types of attic fans can be very loud to operate, disturbing your quality of life and peace of mind at home. Solar Star fans are remarkably quiet and efficient, which means you never have to worry about this attic fan keeping you up at night.

  • Save Money with Tax Credits and Rebates

Solar powered attic fans qualify for a tax credit on your next tax return, as they contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly home. Not only can you save energy, keep your home cooler and be more environmentally friendly, you can even be rewarded for choosing a sustainable attic fan choice.

It’s easy to see why solar attic fans are a popular choice for keeping homes and attics cool and cutting down home energy usage. If you’re considering installing an attic fan, choose solar powered for more benefits to your home, the environment and your pocket.

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